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Something’s Afoot

Sponsored by:
Boone County National Bank Classics Program and Tigers on the Prowl

August 28,29,30,31 / September 4,5,6,7 / September 11,12,13,14
7 pm Box office opens, 8 pm show starts

Something’s Afoot is a murder mystery musical that spoofs detective stories, mainly the works of Agatha Christie, and especially her detective novel And Then There Were None (a.k.a. Ten Little Indians).

Ticket prices are $9.00 for adults and $1.00 for children under 10 and can be purchased at the Maplewood Barn Box Office or_online here._


No show will be cancelled from rain. The show will be done inside
the barn where lighting and sound has been set up.


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Fridays on 91.3FM KBIA


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