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You Can’t Take It With You CAST

Congratulations to the cast and crew of You Can’t Take It With You, the comedy farce highlight of the upcoming Maplewood Barn season!


Trisch Vessar (Penny)

Lauren Dotson (Essie)

Brianna Purdi (Rheba)

Paul Klick (Paul)

Rodney Sheley (Mr. DePinna)

Tim Thomas (Ed)

Owen Dack (Donald)

Charlie Wilkerson (Grandpa)

Jerrica Leonard (Alice)

Colin Smiolek (Henderson)

Michael Miller (Tony)

Christopher Gould (Mr. Kolenkhov)

Laura Karpowice (Gay)

Michael Tuley (Mr. Kirby)

Kelly Walker (Mrs. Kirby)

Amy Drtina (Grand Duchess Olga)

Kayla Jestis, Matt Diel, Clayton Pickens (Federal Agents)


Byron Scott (Director)

Morgan Dennehy (Assistant Director)

Craig Cones (Set Construction)

Kathy Roberts (Costumer)

Sean Dennehy (Stage Manager)

Tessa Friedman (Assistant Stage Manager)

Barb Tuttle & Russell Becker (Producers)


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