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Sweeney Todd Cast

  • May 24, 2018

Thank you to all who auditioned!


Mrs. Lovett – Dana Naylor

Sweeney Todd – Aaron Hunsley

Anthony Hope – Cole Nowlin

Johanna – Catherine Barnard

Tobias Ragg – Parker Ross

Judge Turpin – Steve Yates

The Beadle – Anna Sheeley

Beggar Woman – Elizabeth Brown

Adolpho Pirelli – Larry Shaw

Jonas Fogg – Seth Comara

Bird Seller – Aubrey Naylor

Ensemble (Townspeople, Policeman, Lunatics)

Rita Dian

Mackenzie Lynn

Patch Robinson

Shawnda Salazar

Samantha Salazar

Sydney Salazar

Natalie Salazar

Seth Comara

Nathan Hesse

Julie Heise

Ellie Bonilla

Sarah Brush

Clayton Pickens


Director – Chris Lynn

AD 1 – Angela Lechtenberg

AD 2 – Molly Dodge