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Sherlock Holmes Cast

The Barn is pleased to announce the Cast for Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Suicide Club. Thank you to all who auditioned.

Sherlock Holmes: Michael Miller

Dr. John Watson: Chris Heese

Mycroft Holmes/Mr. Richards: Curt Wohleber

Prince Nikita Starloff: Charlie Wilkerson

Christiane DeLaBegassier: Kathryn Christenson

Club Secretary: Michele Alexander

Mr. Henry: Cory Rickabaugh

Inspector Micklewhite: Colin Smialek

Mr. George: Michael Tuley

Mr. Williams/Mr. Roundy: Matthew Posgate

Mrs. Hudson: Julie Heese

Lucy O’Malley: Mindy Nichols

Old Lady: Michele Snodderley


Director: Molly Dodge

Asst. Director: Michele Snodderley

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