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President’s Message

  • March 28, 2010

Time to Head Back to the Barn

It’s spring  2010 at Maplewood Barn (and everywhere else)!   The season’s directors have been chosen, the Arsenic cast (under the direction of Jim Yelton) is rehearsing and  Space Pandas’ director, Chris Bowling, is readying for his April 10-11 auditions out at the Barn. 

The grass in Nifong Park is green and growing, the Barn clean-up day is set for April 10 and we’ll soon be christening the Mark Durrant Memorial Stage!

The 2010 season will bring back the traditions (comedy, drama, music and Shakespeare) and promises some new twists and surprises (since they’re surprises, we’ll spring the details on you as the season progresses).

The Board of Directors is focussed on making your visits to Nifong Park more enjoyable and comfortable.  Our very good friends at Parks and Recreation will be contributing here via improved lighting around the theatre, a new path/sidewalk for audiences to visit the restrooms, and repairs to the Barn!

We must also thank our sponsors, who are helping us in many different ways – Commerce Bank and their president, Teresa Maledy; Nelly and Michael Roach from Caledon Virtual (our brilliant webmasters); Lorah Steiner and the Columbia Convention and Visitors’ Bureau; and Boone County National Bank.  A huge nod also goes out to Neil Eckhoff of Eckhoff Construction and Brad Eiffert of Boone County Lumber, who’ve combined to erect our new stage!

Come on out for some fun this year!  It all starts May 14, as Arsenic hits the stage.  As always, bring your lawn chairs, blankets, friends and food.   Just sit back and enjoy murder, dead bodies in the cellar, a Boris Karloff look-alike and Teddy Roosevelt (and that’s just our first show).

See you at Nifong Park in 2010!  Keep an eye on the Barn, Mark!