This show will be the community theater premiere of the very first play ever written based on a Rex Stout novel. It is an offseason Maplewood Barn production being performed at Talking Horse Theater. Performance dates are: March 10-12 and March 16-19. That includes both evening shows and Sunday matinees. To purchase tickets, visit:


Nero Wolfe’s Brownstone at 918 W. 35th Street, NYC; March 30 – April 1, 1936


Fashion Mogul Boyden McNair thinks someone is trying to kill him and he seeks help from Nero Wolfe. McNair asks Wolfe to become the executor to his estate in the event he is killed. McNair tells Wolfe that he will be leaving behind a red box. Before¬†he can explain further, he succumbs to poison and dies. Its up to Wolfe and his assistant Archie to figure out who the murderer is. The clue they need to solve the case is inside the mysterious red box. If they can find the box, they’ll find the killer.

About the Characters:

Nero Wolfe has been called the “American Sherlock Holmes.” He is described as a brilliant, eccentric private detective, orchid fancier and gargantuan gourmet. He’s also been called a genius who is the bulkiest, balkiest, the most ponderous and most brilliant detective in the world. He is a chairborne mass of unpredictable intellect. This arm chair detective solves crimes without ever leaving the comforts of his office with the help of his assistant Archie Goodwin. Archie started out on the wrong side of the tracks, but Nero Wolfe helped him return to the straight and narrow. Archie is an asset to Wolfe’s investigations because his observations are always exact. Archie does the leg work that allows Wolfe to solve crimes


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