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Maplewood Barn Radio Theatre

produced by Darren Hellwege


Every Friday at 6:30 pm on KBIA (91.3-FM)

Hour Long Shows start at 6:30 as well

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Summer 2018 Rerun Schedule

April 20 Johnny Dollar and the Merry Go Round

April 27 Sam Spade: Flopsy, Mopsy & Topsy Caper

May 4 X-Minus-One: Knock

May 11 Our Miss Brooks: A Plaque for Mr. Conklin

May 18 Inner Sanctum: Voice on the Wire

May 25 Damon Runyon Theater: Princess O’Hara

June 1 My Friend Irma: Trip to England

June 8 Suspense: A Week from Wednesday

June 15 A Ruler of Men

June 22 Johnny Dollar: The Midnight Sun Matter

June 29 Our Miss Brooks: Thanksgiving Turkey

July 6 Inner Sanctum: The Dead Laugh

July 13 Dr. Tweedy and the School Song

July 20 The Fat Man: Murder is the Medium

July 27 My Favorite Husband: Vacation Time

August 3 Quiet Please: Presto Changeo

August 10 My Friend Irma Writes a Column

August 17 Duffy’s Tavern: Archie Cuts Prices 10%

August 24 Damon Runyon Theater: Madame La Gimp

August 31 Sherlock Holmes: The Dead Adventuress

September 7 The Key

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