Auditons: April 30th and May 1st from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm at the Maplewood Barn Theatre. Call backs if needed will be held on May 2nd from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm at the Barn.

Info: Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script.   

There will also be the option of singing and dancing.

Remember, we are here to have fun, all talent levels are welcome, the director is more interested in your willingness to perform. There are plenty of non-dancing as well as non-singing rolls, so if singing or dancing aren’t your thing, just come prepared to read from the script.
If you’re interested in dancing and singing in the play, please prepare an a cappella vocal piece of about a minute in length.  Examples of songs could be lullabies, hymns, or even just happy birthday.
There will also be a dance audition, so come dressed to move.
Contact: Director Nathan O’Neil –


Character Descriptions:

Note: The director is looking for a diverse cast of all ages and skill-levels. Community members of all genders, race, and ethnicities will be considered for ALL roles.

Prospero: The rightful Duke of Milan. He now lives on an island and is a great sorcerer.

Miranda: Prospero’s daughter, who falls in love with the Prince of Naples, Ferdinand.

Ariel: A spirit of the island set free by Prospero and obeys Prospero’s commands.

Caliban: A deformed son of a witch, who ruled the island before Prospero.

Alonso: King of Naples, believes his son is lost to the sea.

Sebastian: Alonso’s treacherous brother.

Antonio: Prospero’s brother, who usurped his position as Duke of Milan.

Ferdinand: Alonso’s son, who falls in love with Miranda.

Gonzalo: A kindly Neapolitan courtier.

Trinculo: The King’s jester and friend of Stephano.

Stephano: The King’s drunken butler and friend of Trinculo.

Boatswain: Struggles during the tempest to avoid a shipwreck.

Additional nonspeaking roles for guards and island spirits

About This Production:

The play begins with a mighty storm that ship wrecks the King of Naples and his companions on a seemingly deserted island. On the same island lives Prospero, the usurped Duke of Milan, with his daughter. Through the aid of the magical spirits of the island, Prospero weaves a web of mischief in order to right the wrong done to him many years ago.

This production will involve music, dancing, and magic, but above all, a lot of fun for the whole community. The Tempest is the last play Shakespeare wrote, and is full of his most memorable passages and characters. Make sure you don’t miss your chance to be a part of this great adventure this summer at the barn!


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