You Can’t Take It With You

Auditions: Saturday, April 7 and Sunday, April 8

3-6 pm at Maplewood Barn

Director Byron Scott (573/489-7764) or

A fast-paced comedy about a family who encourage all around them to do whatever makes them happy – and the complications that ensue. Come prepared to do cold readings from the script.

Martin Vanderhof (Grandpa), whose philosophy guides a household of individualists.

Penny Sycamore, his daughter, writes plays; several at a time.

Paul Sycamore, her husband, sells homemade candies and fireworks.

Essie, their eldest daughter, who dances about in ballet slippers,

Ed, Essie’s husband, who plays xylophone for her dancing and typesets fortune cookie messages.

Alice, the youngest Sycamore daughter, “the sane one” works in an office.

Tony Kirby, the boss’s son, he and Alice are in love.

Rheba, the maid, who watches all with amusement and humor.

Donald, her boyfriend, spends a lot of time running to and from the grocery.

Mr. DePinna, former iceman, now makes fireworks in the basement.

Henderson, an IRS agent, come to ask Grandpa why he has never paid taxes

Boris Kolenhkov, teaches Essie ballet (“She stinks!”) and talk Russian politics.

Gay Wellington, an actress who is never sober.

Mr. Kirby, Tony’s father, a man of many inhibitions.

Mrs. Kirby, Tony’s mother has never seen anything like this!

Olga, a Russian Grand Duchess currently working in a Times Square restaurant.

And three G-men………….!!!


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