Audition Dates: July 1 & 2

Our final show of the year, Rumors by Neil Simon will have auditions on July 1st and 2nd, at our space in the Columbia Mall, across from Torrid in the Target wing.

Synopsis: Charley Brock, Deputy Mayor of New York, and his wife, Myra, are celebrating their ten-year anniversary with a gala party and all their friends are there. But the servants are gone, the food is uncooked, Charley is in bed —  incoherent — with a bullet hole in his earlobe, and Myra is nowhere to be found. Rumors is a hilarious farce about four couples, Charlie and Myra’s guests, who try to cover for their hosts while trying all the while to make sense of the situation.

Ken Gorman (about 40): Charlie’s attorney; excitable; spends a portion of the play unable to hear.
Chris Gorman (30s): Ken’s wife, also a lawyer; not very fast on her feet; trying (and failing) to quit smoking.
Lenny Ganz (30s-40s): Charlie’s accountant; always quick with an idea; suffering from possible whiplash.
Claire Ganz (30s): Lenny’s wife; very dry, very funny.
Ernie Cusack (50s): Charlie’s analyst; easy going, and a little oblivious.
Cookie Cusack (40s-50s): Ernie’s wife and cooking show host, suffers from a bad back.
Glenn Cooper (30s-40s): Running for State Senate, might be a little shady,
Cassie Cooper (30s-40s): Glenn’s wife, flighty and very defensive.
Officer Welch (M) (30s-50s): A hard nosed officer of the law.
Officer Pudney (F) (20s): Welch’s partner, could be a rookie, just the facts, ma’am.


Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script. Actors must be able to perform physical comedy (running, crawling, falling).

Please send questions to Director Christopher Jones-Gould at Due to audition dates being around the July 4th holiday, Christopher is willing to hold private auditions prior to the July 1st/2nd audition dates, if needed. 

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