Our next AUDITIONS are for the hilarious play…


When:  Monday, May 8th  &  Tuesday, May 9th   from 7:00-9:00pm

Where:  Trinity Presbyterian Church:  1600 Rollins Road                                                 Columbia, MO; 65203

Show synopsis…  In writing Laughing Stock, Charles Morey has drawn on his experiences as the acclaimed director of Salt Lake City’s Pioneer Theatre Company. This hilarious farce gives the audience a back-stage look at a struggling third-rate theatre company performing summer stock in an old barn in New England. Faced with eccentric directors, a limited budget, and a challenging schedule, the troupe valiantly tries to keep the theatre afloat. The pragmatic, but weary, artistic director has scheduled three plays to run in repertory (all in rehearsal, to run on alternate nights in the barn theatre): Hamlet, Charley’s Aunt, and a new adaptation of Dracula.

The show is a farcical send-up of summer stock theatre, combined with an affectionate look at the magic that holds theatre companies together. As Morey states in his introduction to the play, “The humor derives not from the disasters that befall (the characters), but from the manner in which they attempt to cope with those disasters, cover their miscues, and right the sinking ship.”

Although the characters in the play will be recognized as types generally found in theatre repertory companies, they should be portrayed as “real people with real concerns for which we have empathy.” The play’s characters are members of a true ensemble company, and we hope to assemble a true ensemble cast for Laughing Stock to celebrate their misfortunes and their successes.


Cast of Characters

Gordon Page…  male, 40’s-50’s.  Artistic Director.                         (Fearless leader of the theatre)
Jack Morris… male, 20-30. Theatre Actor.                                    (Should he quit acting, and go to law school?)
Susannah Huntsman… female, 30’s-40’s. Guest Director.                (We’ve all had directors like this  one, unfortunately)
Mary Pierre… female, 20-30. Theatre Actor.                               (Earnest to a fault)
Tyler Taylor… male, 30’s-40’s. Theatre Actor.                               (Leading roles only, please)
Vernon Volker… male, 40’s-50’s, Theatre Actor.                         (Summer stock may be beneath him.)
Richfield  Hawksley… male, 55-80’s. Theatre Actor.                         (Done it all, played them all, if he could  only remember things.)
Daisy Coates… female, 50’s-60’s. Theatre Actor.                                  (Has been ready to play Ophelia for 40 years)
Sarah McKay… female, 40’s-50’s. Stage Manager.                         (Efficient, acerbic, never without her drink mug.)                           Craig/Constance Conlin… male/female, 30’s-50’s. Business Manager.   (Someone has to watch the money)
Henry/Henrietta Mills… male/female, 30’s-50’s. Designer.                        (Must he/she really create it all with paper and scissors?)
Karma Schneider… female, 15-30’s. (Inexperienced & faithful apprentice.)
Braun Oakes… male, 15-30’s.  (Another inexperienced & faithful apprentice.)
Ian/Izzy Milliken… male/female, 15-30’s.  (Another inexperienced & faithful apprentice.)


Auditions… will consist of cold readings from the script. A script will be available after April 21st @ the Daniel Boone Public Library, for perusal.  Bring your enthusiasm and be prepared to have fun !

Show Performances are… June 29-July 2, July 6-9, 2017

**For further information, please contact the Director, Molly Dodge at molly.dodge@outlook.com  or  call 573-441-0252.**

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