Currently having the following AUDITIONS for the musical…


When:  Auditioners need to set up an audition time with the Director

Where:  Trinity Presbyterian Church:  1600 Rollins Road                                                 Columbia, MO; 65203

Show synopsis… On Highway 57, somewhere in North Carolina, stands a gas station. Across the blacktop is a roadside eatery called the Double Cupp Diner. The four guys at the station, Jim, Jackson, Eddie and L.M., have been known to do some auto repairs, but only when aided by quantities of time and libations. The Cupp sisters, Prudie and Rhetta, celebrate their home cooking with the same zeal they bring to being neighborly with the boys. With heartbreak and hilarity, this is their musical tribute to life by the roadside!

Cast of Characters
Jim – Pump Boy, male, sings and might play rhythm or lead guitar
L.M – Pump Boy, male, sings and might play keyboard or accordion
Jackson – Pump Boy, male, sings and might play rhythm or                               lead guitar
Eddie – Pump Boy, male, sings and might play bass
Prudie – Dinette, female, sings & dances
Rhetta – Dinette, female, sings & dances
Various roles – Extra Pump Boys and townspeople may be needed.

**Please Note that the roles of Jim, Prudie and Rhetta have already been cast**  All other parts are still open.

Auditions… will consist of singing and cold readings, which will be from the script. Instrumental auditions may be needed, if applicable.

*We request performers 17 and older audition.*

The script calls for the Pump Boys to play instruments throughout, and the Cupp Sisters join in on other instruments as able. HOWEVER, this is not required of actors, as a small band of musicians may be considered. If you don’t play an instrument then please don’t feel discouraged about auditioning. We will be considering people of ALL musical abilities.

If you do play an instrument then we ask that musicians should feel comfortable playing in a country/blues style. Actors who can play multiple instruments are highly desirable, yet not required. Possible show instruments include: Guitar, keys, fiddle, mandolin, banjo, ukelele, accordion and percussion. Please BRING YOUR INSTRUMENT TO AUDITIONS! A piano will be provided, as needed.

Auditioners – Please prepare a brief song to sing and (if applicable) accompany yourself on your instrument. A piano will be provided to assist. Performers who do not play an instrument will be considered, and a piano accompanist will be provided. Please provide sheet music for the piano accompanist. A cd player will be available to accompany, if you so choose.

For the vocal audition, choose the part of a song that demonstrates your vocal range or shows off your voice the best. It is asked that you keep the audition piece to under 2 minutes, as the audition process will be on a tight schedule. Please DO NOT pick a song from the show, Pump Boys and Dinettes for your audition!!!

This show requires much movement and high energy, so bring your enthusiasm.

Show Performances are… May 25-28; June 1-4; June 8-11, 2017

**For further information, please contact the Director, Clara Stark at **

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