2018 Season

Position: Master Carpenter

Position Type: PT Temporary— March 2018-September 2018

Job Purpose:

To direct and oversee the carpentry requirements of the Maplewood Barn Community theatre during the 2018 season.

Job Description:

• Assist production directors in preparing plans for set construction and estimating material costs

• Oversee the ‘spring cleaning’ of the theatre.

• Ready all materials (plans, paint, lumber, tools, etc…) in advance for set builds or technical rehearsals.

• Direct set builds and help ensure the safety of all volunteers who participate

• Be available to attend evening rehearsals during tech weeks in order to prepare for the production.

• Lead set deconstruction on the Monday evening following the final performance of each production and help ensure the safety of all volunteers who participate

• Manage and maintain all technical equipment throughout the season.

• Provide technical support for other Barn events as needed


Hours are flexible except that set builds take place on Saturdays and Sundays for 2-3 weeks prior before the opening of a show and availability is needed evenings during the week  immediately prior to the opening of a show. While the MC is not expected to attend performances, he or she is expected to be available if any technical difficulties occur.


Leadership experience, Construction experience, Experience with sound equipment preferred, Good communication Skills, Previous theatre experience is a plus. Must be dependable.



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