NOW accepting applications for our 2018 Summer Season…

Position:  House Manager

Position Type: PT Temporary–Stipend PAID position…March-September 2018

Job Purpose:

This is an independent contractor Stipend position for The Maplewood Barn Community Theatre (The Barn) during the 2018 Season.

Job Description:

1.Operating the Concession Stand- The House Manger is responsible for the opening and operation of the Concession Stand.  The House Manager will be given access to The Barn Sam’s Club account to purchase items for the Concession Stand within the budget specification. The House Manager will also keep an inventory of merchandise on hand in Concession Stand and submit a page with total amount (in dollars) to the Box Office Manager after each performance, to be turned in to the Barn Treasurer after each performance week.

2.Cash – The House Manager is responsible for keeping all monies received for concession sales, including food and beverages, T-shirts, Books, etc… in a specified receptacle and given to the Box Office Manager at the end of each night’s performance. The Box Office Manager will add it to her total deposit.

3.Cross Train – The House Manager is responsible for training the Box Office Manager, or any other Volunteers, on the duties of the position in order to cover should the House Manager need to be absent.

4.Announcements- The House Manager is responsible for making all pre-show announcements and for doing the drawing for the door prizes at intermission, unless otherwise instructed by the show’s Producers.

5.Cleaning- The House Manager will be responsible for keeping The Barn office and bathrooms clean, with the assistance of the Box Office Manager.

7.Other Duties- The House Manager may be called upon by the show’s Producers, to assist the cast and crew, as needed, during the run of the show. This should not, however, interfere with the regular duties of the House Manager position.

8.Absence – If the House Manager must be absent, she/he is responsible for calling the Production Chair, who will call Board Members to find a volunteer to cover that evening’s performance. These arrangements must be made as far in advance as possible of the absence. “No show – no call” will be grounds for possible dismissal by the Maplewood Barn Theatre Board. (except in the case of an Emergency)


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