Maplewood Barn Theatre’s 2016 Summer Theatre Camp

Monday, July 11th – Friday, July 15th
Monday, July 18th – Friday, July 22nd
Performances are Saturday, July 23rd  &  Sunday, July 24th  @ 2pm

Camp times are 8am to 5pm. Extended care times outside of these hours will be available for an additional charge.

This year’s performance, “The STONE in the ROAD” will be directed by Clara Stark.

Show synopsis:

A wise queen puts her subjects to the test. Who will move the large boulder from the road?  Anyone kind enough to move the stone will be handsomely rewarded with a job as royal counselor to the queen!  A host of wacky characters pass through as the queen and her faithful servants watch from a hiding place to see who will be unselfish. Many wacky travelers show up along the way, yet it seems that no one will pass the queen’s test! Join the Queen, her loyal court, and various others as they come to see how actions, not complaints, often get a job done. With this fun and snappy bunch of characters this well-known fairy-tale entertains children of all ages, while teaching the importance of helping others.

Cast of Characters:
(in order of appearance)
(for ages 6-12)

Queen Miriana– the wisest Queen of them all
Barcarole– her able-bodied assistant
Signore Rigoletto– a barber with an ego who could use a trim
Nico– Rigoletto’s assistant and “yes man”
Bilger– A petty thief
Phipps– his not-to-bright assistant
Hedgecomb– the even-less-bright assistant
Mrs. Brezinski– the proud mother
The Brezinski Children– each one brattier than the next
Miss Goldwyn– a portrait painter
Humphrey Wheat– a lost milkman
Alma Drekley school principal who just wants to run away
Zanziba, the gypsy– a retired fortune teller
Fenster Fibb– a tax collector
Jackie– filled with sensibleness and kindness
Other Various Roles, as needed

Camp application-Children’s Camp Applications 2016

Full and partial scholarships will be available for several families.

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