Children’s Camp Director

(Information for 2017 Season)

Position Type: Temporary position –March thru July 2017

2017 Day Camp Dates: Monday, July 10th-Friday, July 14th; Monday, July 17th-Friday, July 21st. Performances are Saturday, July 22nd & Sunday, July 23rd @ 2pm

**Camp Director must be present & available during all above dates, and as needed, as requested by the Maplewood Barn Board of Directors.

Compensation: TBD

Job Description:  The duties of the Children’s Camp Director are many and varied.  In general, the Children’s Camp Director is responsible for all facets of the production of the Children’s Camp performance at the Maplewood Barn Community Theatre.  The Children’s Camp Director is responsible for providing a safe, supportive, and positive environment for young students to learn about theatre, and for teaching these children how to carry out a successful stage performance.  The Children’s Camp Director is also responsible for all technical, acting, and musical aspects of the performance and is responsible for including the students in as many of the technical aspects of the show as possible.  All applicants must be registered with the Missouri Family Care Safety Registry and must have a background working with children ages 6-12.  Formal education, prior employment, or extensive volunteer work with children in educational settings or in youth theatre preferred.
Skills/Qualifications: Experience working with children is required. Previous theatre experience and/ or knowledge is needed. Must have good organizational skills, good communication skills, and be dependable. All applicants will be subject to a full background check upon acceptance of any said position.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the time commitment?

As far as time commitment goes, you can expect to spend at least 5-10 hours a month for meetings and planning in the months leading up to the camp, 10-20 hours in preparation and planning the week before the camp, and about 8.5 hours a day during the run of the camp (8 hours instructional time, 1/2 hour prep work/clean up).  If campers need before and after care, you will be expected to cover the before and after care time unless you have made other arrangements with Maplewood staff (camper’s families must give notice at least one day in advance).  Before and after care is usually $10.00 per family per instance of care, (so, if a child needs before and after care, it would be $20 for the day) unless previously arranged, and is paid directly to you.

What are the “paid hours?”

Because we are a community theatre, we can only pay the actual camp hours (85 hours).  The planning and meeting times would be on a volunteer basis.

Do students pay for the camp? Are there scholarship given?

Students generally do pay for the camp, although we charge significantly less than other youth theatres in the area.  However, scholarships are given based on need.  Last year we were able to take all campers who applied regardless of ability to pay, and we hope to do so this year as well.

What is the usual size of the camp?

Last year, we had 20 children in the camp. If enrollment is high (over 13-15), the Barn will pay for an assistant teacher.  However, you can have a volunteer assistant teacher no matter how few students you have.  If you have anyone in mind, please let us know!  The Barn may also be able to provide a small gas stipend for your volunteer teacher if that is a barrier.

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